About KZ


I was expecting you come and read a little bit about me!

I officially welcome you to my online store where you will find styles inspired by a number of experiences, cultures, my evolution of taste with time and yourselves. My inspiration comes from being a model, athlete/dancer and beauty queen in the past, among other things that distinguish me, finding things attractive and useful by the time I need to perform, go training or be somewhere glamorous have been part of the reason I felt the call to launche my own clothing line, plus I have an obsession with fashion. I give myself the task of creating a line of clothing for training, the daily living, swimwear that you can also use for training and of course the magnificent pieces of glamorous styles. Some people let clothing define who they are or who they want to be and other define the clothing, that's the beauty of it, and I love it!

Being raised in Puerto Rico brings a lot of influence in what is my style and way of being like most of us, but I also find a lot of inspiration from other places in the world, I am amzing by how magnificent culture and fashion mixes. I love being able to combine textures, colors and unique styles desings so that you can find everything you need in one place. I love the idea that you can wear a piece that inspires me and that it will transfer you. I feel that just as it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, our clothes are just as important. Owning a unique piece to your dressing room is an amazing feeling. And I believe you deserve to have the best.

My wish to you is that every time you wear of piece of my collections you feel like you rule the world honey!

Be more of yourself and don't apologize for it!